Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I guess I'm back to this blogging thing- I mean, many people ask for certain sites or just simply ask "where the hell did you find that?". I mean, I browse the web relatively lot and run across a bunch of things that may interest also many of my friends. (And besides, who can remember those long URL's anyway).

I just noticed that every cookie that is accecpted by your computer goes to C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\ (by using the default installation). IBM short FAQ about cookies states that they're not considered to be dangerous. Maybe so, what exactly what information does a cookie include? (You know, I've never looked that up).

And while we're talking about surveilance, take a look of legal software called Spector that monitors the typed words, url's and basically everything you do on a workstation. Pretty frightening, huh?

I'm currently interested about computer security issues. Using my firewall I noticed that certain machines in my network tend to send me UDP packages. I asked should this be considered as attack attempt, and the answer was: "it depends". Usually these packages are sent by misconfiguration of Windows and they're seeking network printers etc. If it is a broadcast- type message, it is not to be considered a attempted port abuse.

I'd like to try some of the hacking tools, since you have to know how to steal in order to prevent it, yet trying those tools out in my network could cause me a lot of trouble, so I think I'll have to build my own network and hack my own computers to learn how this stuff works and how it is done.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Well, it's been a while since last post. I mean, I've been really busy. And I had no particular site to feature, since I had very little time to surf the web. Now I've run into something both weirdly funny, yet amusing- the IRC gallery. Some of the pictures are quite.. personal. And boy, are those guys young- average age nineteen something.

I've really never been into IRC. Guess it's a generation thing.

I've been occasionally thinking does these blogs make any sense? I mean, today you have multi- search engines and you can find some information about almost everything imanigable. I can understand at the early stages of internet it was a good thing someone linked the good pages, but now finding the information has became so easy that linklists etc. are pretty useless. Think about it- how many times have you visited someone's linklist page?
Thought so.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Today I'm really busy, so while you wait for new posts you could count the black dots in this picture..

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Internet is full of useful stuff- like this new mail- service . Will it turn the communication distructure around? I personally found it very interesting way of communicating- it uses old technologies that are integrated into new multifunctional enviroment: I remember using the same kind of message sending as a child, but I never found interest bringing it into internet. Anyways, it a great way to communicate, indeed.

I've been using previously mentioned KazaA Lite a lot and I just simply love it. As for myself I like various kind of music and the problem is that if I'd buy all the singles or records that I like I'd be broke. At this point I've downloaded about hundred songs from about fourty artists. I especially like the fact that most songs take little time (using LAN ;) downloading if you find the one distributor with least users. But I've still got some ethics: I'd be ready to pay to the original artist a fee for his song if this was 1) reasonably priced and 2) could be billed without credit card. Of course it don't bother me to download great music for nothing, but the impact level on record business must be seen at some point if the high- bandwith connections start their wide- spread and distributing files becomes more and more easier.

Friday, October 18, 2002

No matter how much they'll try to cencor the web, there always will be continent that is at least to be considered "conversational". Like the "ra1skattu"- pages (in finnish the term means raped- yet it that page has nothing to do with that or other sexual issues). It has very gross "pictures about reality" (WARNING: the picture are at some points really disturbing). It also has a lighter section called "priceless"- know the Mastercard commercial? These are parody pictures about it. I'd hate the idea of being featured on one of those ones..

This guy has pretty original business idea: cleaning up ladies houses naked for a fee. And he does the first cleaning free and for the next ones you'll pay what you feel it's worth for. He also says he's an amateur. Just picture him dusting your house...

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Get a load of finnish student culture. The site header translates as "engineer student meeting in Oulu". And the text on the first page continues setting up the mood: "The pictures are poor quality, but the cameraman was drunk". They're called "teekkari" (I don't know does there exist a translation here?). "Teekkari" means a person wearing overalls while being completely wasted. There also exist a well- known term "teekkari"- humour, which I'll guarantee you want to know nothing about.

I've never got the hang of it, wearing overalls and pouring vodka down the throat. I mean- what do you need the overalls for? I'd like to know is this just an finnish innovation or a world- wide thing that students party in their school overalls in spesific events?

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Today I got a great URL to get music, videos- almost everything multimedia you can imagine. As a hard- core music listener was a true find to hit the KazaA light page. The other version comes with a spyware and some adware- or so I've understood. This light version also installs one file, but you can get it out using Lavasoft's Ad- Aware.

Now go get it! You'll love it if you like music. Note that the files are quite large so if you're using dial- up I'd think twice about installing KazaA.